She has two sons, one who was brought up by his grandparents, and calls himself “Evan Beynon”. He is not much for books or work but likes to drive a team and has a good space. The other son is a carpenter and when I visited Wales was living in Liverpool.
Elizabeth had two daughters also. I saw both of them. They are large good-looking girls. Elizabeth and her husband live at Carmarthen and sell the Singer sewing machines.
The third daughter of sister Mary is Madalen Evans and she lived at Barry when I was in Wales. Her husband had been a ship Captain but had lost his position because he had driven his ship on the rocks when under the influence of drink. He was only a common sailor when I saw him. They had a number of small children but do not know how many.
Sister Mary’s fourth daughter was Margaret Rees, wife of Prof. John Rees, who had been in charge of the Llanarth schools for years, but when I was there had been chosen Superintendent of the schools at Barry. Margaret and her husband were much more stylish as to dress and living than any of the others. They turned in the best society.
The fifth daughter of sister Mary was Ann, wife of Capt. David Davis. Their house is at New Quay. He is captain of a merchant ship and gets good wages. They have five children living named Emrys, aged about 30 years who is an accountant in a bank in England, Gomer and Beynon, one in a bank and the other in the civil service, and Aden who has just graduated from Aberystwyth College as A,B, and is looking for a position to teach. He is now 21 years old.
Mary Beynon, my sister, wife of Evan Beynon of Pen Cwm, Llanarth, Wales, died June 19th 1896. I reached Pen Cwm the morning of the funeral. Her husband, Evan Beynon, died at Pen Cwm, Llanarth, March 10th 1900, 89 years old, and is buried in the same place as his wife."
John Morgan and Elizabeth.
Photograph circa 1895.
(by courtesy of Paddy Thomas, a descendant).

Llanarth and Rhydyfuddai.

            Llanarth is an ancient village situated within two miles of the Cardigan Bay coastline in the west of Wales.