Sometime around 1840 the family split apart. This may have been the result of all four sons seeking employment in the South Wales coalfield.
           In 1851 mother Elizabeth was living at 66 Charles Street, Bedwellty, Tredegar with Thomas, David and Eliza. Thomas and David were coalminers, and even nineteen-year-old Eliza was listed as a mine labourer. In the census record, Elizabeth is recorded as “wife”.
          However, in the same 1851 census husband and father John Davies is recorded as a “widower” and still living in Llanarth.
           It was around this time that the split in the family became even wider. Mother Elizabeth, daughter Eliza, and sons Evan, John, David and Thomas emigrated to Ohio. Father John and daughters Mary, Madlen and Margaret apparently remained in Llanarth. There is a burial record at Pencae, Llanarth for John Davies, Chandler, on July 26th 1860.
More than 50 years later, Thomas Y. Davies described his father and other family members who had remained in Wales:
“My father, John Davis, was about fifteen years older than mother and both died about the same date. He was a fair sized man, with dark hair, but his neck was unusually short, so when he was made a member of the militia during the war with Napoleon Bonaparte he could not wear a stock, such as the British soldiers wore as part of their uniform.
My sister Mary was short and thick set. Rather good-looking in her younger days. My sister, Madalen, was also rather short and inclined to be fleshy. In her younger days she was light-haired and rosy-cheeked, about as blonde as sister Eliza. Sister Margaret was about the same size as Eliza - none of my sisters were dark.
Sister Mary’s daughters are all inclined to be fleshy. Her daughter Elizabeth is very large - tall and fleshy – somewhat of a giantess. Most of the daughters are quite good looking, especially Ann Davis and Margaret Rees. Mary Lloyd is the oldest of sister Mary’s daughters. She was married twice. She had one son by her first husband. He is Rev. John Beynon Jones, who was Congregational Minister and died.
After the death of her first husband Mary married an old lover of hers with whom she had been going before her first marriage. His name is Henry Lloyd. They now live at Llanarth and keep a small store. She has no children now.
The second daughter of sister Mary is Elizabeth, married to J. Morgan.