The Rhydyfuddai Pioneers
The Davies Family of Rhydyfuddai.
            John Davies, a chandler, the head of the family, was born in Llanarth in about 1779. His wife was Elizabeth, the daughter of Evan Evans. Their children were Mary (born 1813), John (1817), Evan J. (1819), Madlen (1825), Margaret (1825), Thomas Y. (born on January 21st 1829), Eliza (1831) and David Y. (born on January 22nd 1835).
          Rhydyfuddai is the name of a small group of houses near Llanarth, Ceredigion (formerly Cardiganshire), Wales.
In the mid 19th. century members of the Davies family of Rhydyfuddai emigrated to Ohio and Minnesota. They were soldiers in the American Civil War, were involved in fighting the native Indians of Minnesota, and, as guards, witnessed the largest mass execution in American history.
          Fortunately, the son of a family member maintained two notebooks in which he recorded the reminiscences of his father, Henry Hughes, and his uncle Thomas Y. Davies.
          This is their story recorded in their own words one hundred years ago. The story contains many anecdotes, some amusing, some sad, depicting the life of the family in both their old and new homelands.